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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> the storm over the weekend said down trees and flooded parts of the bay area. there are a lot of roadways this morning that still need to be repaired. let's take a look at what we have in store today out. there is a live look at the golden gate bridge and it looks kind of busy for this early hour. >> today will be a dry one of around the bay area with an increase in cloud cover. new issues for visibility
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for the bay area. for these are the most part out the door and we will see mainly sunny skies into the afternoon. temperatures into the upper 50s mid-60s. the fed plenty of forties to get your day started. 42 right now and concord 42 in san jose. i'll show you where the numbers are expected to go into the afternoon and have a full look at future cast four coming up in just a bit. >> is a pretty good ride around the bay area. we're in latin not yet been activated of the bay bridge toll plaza. the west on ride looks good. interstate 580 over highway four the 580 drive time westbound at 33 minutes from the old, pass to the dublin interchange makes it one at a faster
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than the average commute day. light traffic is still low for the peninsula of lot north bay and south bay. >> the clean up today really begins in earnest. nowhere more important than in lafayette. will tran is standing by there this morning where they have a massive sinkhole they are trying to repair before the next round of storms. well what does this situation. >> a 20 ft. sinkhole you can see behind me. it is literally on the street here because they use to be covered. all the rain fall that we have the last couple of days the ground and so i'll underneath it gave way and that caused this thing called. crews fought rust out and have their heavy equipment and a plan to be out here for the next several days and weeks to make repairs. this could have been a lot worse, no one was hurt. utility wires as well as a 12 in. water main that run underneath this. they will continue to
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monitor the situation and make emergency repairs. people out there still have electricity and their water. this fault is line leaves of to a potentially million gallon tank they had to make the repairs because they were afraid with the debris that all of the weight they crashed down a potentially snap that line which it did not. they want to make sure that it does not happen which is why they plan to be at here for the next hour or hour and a half or so. in the meantime this is mountain view drive a very populated road with hundreds of homes here. they are forced to drive around this place. the sad part is their only about a minute from the entrance to 24 to get to where they need to go. not have this and a lot of time going around this location. and this subject st is leaning precariously. we do not know of this is the way
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it always was or if this is because of the rain. it looks like from where i am standing the wires are potentially holding it out. pg&e sanitation and public works as well as the road crews are ready to go. we'll talk to the supervisor later after all his supervisors are rife. -- a rise orrive once the rain comes tomorrow they still have a lot of work to do. >> watching the u.s. supreme court and they could decide today whether they will hear california's proposition 8 case. the court will be releasing its latest of a posting on -630 this morning. california voted
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prop 8 was unconstitutional. we will see if the justices reviewed the case. they met on friday behind closed doors to see which cases would be heard. if they decide they're not going to get a same-sex marriage case the ruling here in california will stand. same- sex marriages could resume this week. if they decide to hear the case of than same- sex marriages will be on hold until the court makes its decision. this is one of 10 same-sex marriage cases in front of the supreme court right now. most of the others involve the federal law. we will see what the supreme court decides in less than 30 minutes. >> fiscal cliff tops standof the average middle-class
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family would have to pay about $2,000 a year more in taxes. house speaker john bain of lands the stalemate on the obama administration. he says they are not taking republicans seriously and plans to close loopholes and lit it deductions without raising taxes. >> i realize of the president may not agree but if there is another way to get revenue from upper income americans that doesn't ruin our economy why don't we consider it? >> we won them to tell the american why they won't do it. >> the democratic controlled senate has are the agreed to extend the bush tax cuts for incomes under $250,000 but let the other tax cut expire. it is predicted their rugby at least a
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short-term deal released before the end of the year. >> of when it comes to a president's second inauguration at the crowd tends to be smaller. that will be the case again this january. the cross the present obama as inauguration on january 21st will be close to 800,000. that is the estimate right now. that is down quite a bit from the 1.8 million people crowded the national mall and 2008. >> i think that is san jose 1 01 northbound on the right-hand side. the commute has not started much, it looks fine. we will be right back.
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it looks like a positive day of trading the dow was up four points on friday. the nasdaq was up 1/2%. in national stockists stocks are on the rise. the institute for supply management releasing monthly manufacturing data for the u.s.. a committee of british lawmakers say in most major multinational companies like
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starbucks google and amazon are guilty of more immoral tax avoidance. it said the government should clamp down on these multinational corporations that exploit tax laws and moved profits that are generated in britain to offshore companies. starbucks is saying they may pay more taxes in england to restore public trust. the same thing is happening in the u.s.. it is not illegal but as britain likes to say it is immoral. >> delta and singapore are talking about taking those shares over. is a move by delta to boost its international operations between new york and london. a number of mergers has reshaped the on airline industry. with the high price of oil we could see more takeovers in the years to come. >> ford is recalling two of its biggest selling in u.s. models. the 2013 escape
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cross over and the 2013 ephesian mid-size sedan. with the 16 1.6 l engine. those engines can overheat and catch fire. there have not been any injuries reported in this but they have a dozen reports of fire for the escape and one for the fusion. this is the threat third recall for the new escapes' fs. the fusion wast named green car fire of the year at the auto show. >> it is 6:11 a.m. and will be back in a minute. the golden gate bridge it shows a nice easy ride for marin county.
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♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit watching the creeks and rivers around the bay area, here is a look at the monitoring going on right now. every thing is pretty much selling of grain at the moment. in the north bay the napa river peaked at just below level and is doing ok. the russian river is the only concern. it will continue to rise. the bad
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flood in 2005 of the cleared teheraand 2004. napa river sents the dow was on the flood plain there. andrew bell is continue to rise a bit more within the next 12 hours. >> we are also monitoring the fled concerns in the south bay. people gathering at solo's cross say and gilroy to watch as the water was on the rise. at this point they had not crested over the roadway. nearby levee was able to withstand the extra water. there was some flooding in other parts of gilroy that shut down rose and said some trees crashing down to. this will be a clean and day and are spared and a dry day.
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>> we have more wet weather on the way. awfully crews will get out there and fix the damage because we have more rain expected tomorrow night headed into wednesday. conditions and the james lick freeway no issues with a cloud cover or visibility there. north of the golden gate bridge in the valleys of visibility is down to zero and portions of the vial just pretense of a mile in santa rosa. we have seen conditions improve and napa over highway 37 the drive with extra caution and be careful of the cars in front of you. we have several locations in the 40's. 45 out the door and hayward 45 in redwood city. this afternoon highs '50s and '60s around bay area. the
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satellite and radar showing the bigger story here we have clouds making a beeline to the bay area. this is all ahead of another storm system have our way. 9 and tomorrow may be some light rain starting to pick up the santa rosa. cloud cover everywhere else. light rain and fairfield and up around half of. is not until the evening hours, 7:00 p.m. monday rain will start to shift its way south. our guys will pick up in intensity and we will see messy conditions just in time for wednesday morning commute. 7 day around the bay forecast shows showers for tuesday and wednesday. dry weather by thursday and overall mild conditions as we transition into the weekend. >> the leading lights have
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been activated at the bay bridge and it is trying to back up across the lines. drive times are still good of 40 mess westbound and 60 minutes coming out of the macarthur maze. fell incidents reported that the metering lights do seem to be running fairly slowly. the cemetery bridge has zero delays 11 as for the commute time. foster city and the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound has a lot of traffic here already. no problems are reported dow. the east shore freeway a starting to pick up all little congestion now. 19 minutes drive time westbound hercules to berkeley. six eighties there is a big of a little traffic headed into the san ramon valley. 580 westbound with a 37 minute drive time from dublin to the off in the past. well and northbound has already cleared out in the south bay but will get have the a little later on. 1 01 in iran is not yet have the the southbound side is still an easy one headed to the
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golden gate bridge. >> three fire fighters are in serious to stable condition this morning after being involved in a weather related accident on highway 24. fire crews were responding to a 9 injury accident east of wilder wrote on the shoulder of the highway when another car lost control and the rain and struck the side of the fire engine. the car rolled over and hit three firefighters. the driver of the first car was also hit in that crash. the three veteran firefighters in the hospital. there at john muir medical center this morning. two of them needed surgery but they are all expected to survive. >> a 14 year-old boy charged as a adult in charge of a sexual assault and kidnapping of a 65 year-old woman. caviar king of the the the woman and forced her to drive several miles
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before he sexually assaulted and beat her. he left her tied up in a ditch and try to ransom her location to her family. his arraignment had been rescheduled for today. >> san jose has 43rd homicide of the year which matched its 2 decade high. the most recent was a 17 year-old boy who was gunned down and murdered by name as a residential street on friday. the killing is believed to be gang-related. the 2011 total was double the previous year's number of homicides. >> oakland police officers have made 44 percent fewer arrests last year than just three years ago. the plans include the arrest for anything from armed robbery, drug bust to minor crimes such as public drunkenness. that is the 18th your arrest per day. there is a 22 percent spike in murders and other major crimes and it has raised questions about
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the oakland police department. it is already struggling under the job cuts. and the south bay police released a sketch of the suspect in connection with the murder of a high-profile venture capitalists. he is described as a wide are latino male 6 ft. tall black hair and dark eyes and a light complexion. the body of the ride the camera at his montessori on home near los gatos. his wife called and said they had ransack their home and had beaten her. she was taken to hospital with minor injuries. and >> the boy that was denied the those cows that is because of his sexual orientation will be honored by an assembly at the
6:23 am
opening of today's legislative session. he was removed from these scouts after he came out as gay earlier this year. for his ego scout project he builds a tolerance of wall to discourage bullying. >> we will take a break and there is a live look outside where we have a view from the james lick freeway. traffic seems to me moving all right. the commute is dry for an outflow will have rain in the middle of the week.
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that month waiting for the announcement as sam francisco. members of nasa's curiosity team are expected to give an update on the mission to mars at 9 this morning. it'll be announced at the conference in san francisco the " geophysical union. rumors of a discovery began after nasa's she's sciences said that the rover had gathered data for the " history books. nasa downplayed that statement but we will find out what happened this morning in san francisco. >> school for some public
6:27 am
school students will get longer but not in california. five states are announcing today that they are adding at least 300 hours of learning time to their schools starting next year. colorado, connecticut, massachusetts and new york and tennessee are part of this plan. the goal is to boost student achievement and make u.s. schools more competitive on a global level. this is a three year pilot program and a mix of federal state fines or will find this operation. >> japanese officials have been prompted to order the immediate inspection of lots of other titles across the country. the tunnel in question, nine people were killed yesterday in that collapse. japanese officials say the concrete ceiling slabs fell on a moving car as well. traffic was running through the tunnel when these labs came down. deep inside that 3 mi. tunnel and
6:28 am
the location of the accident was about halfway again. this has made it difficult for workers and rescuers. they are not sure if there are survivors and their but they are still digging. > 96268 m and we will be back in a couple of minutes.
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>> welcome back. >> k mart on thedoubt futures d >> it is 6:29 a.m.. >> we do have high clouds
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above but overall visibility is good. you should drive with extra caution. into the afternoon there will be mainly sunny skies. there is an investand another system that will start. it will grow in intensity as we start on wednesday. here is a look as satellite and radar to show you what is exactly happening. we will pick up a light rain about a quarter of an inch. it will not be as intense. this is nothing compared to the rainmaker that we saw earlier this week. i will have full details of what she should expect coming up. >> we are taking a quick look at the ride on highway 80 to the bay bridge. this
6:32 am
is in the westbound direction. the commute is starting to back up and i am a little bit puzzled on how the metering lights have not been activated. the drive time has jumped over 18 minutes. we're looking at moderate drive times. there was a little bit of slowing on interstate 80 and highway 580. it is still pretty light and there is no congestion for the peninsula ride and 11 to the marin county. >> today is for cass is brighter but the cleanup efforts are still going strong after the storms. >> there is a massive sinkhole to deal with. >> it may take months until they have a full permanent repair. if this is a 20 ft. sinkhole that happened
6:33 am
early yesterday's morning due to the heavy downpours. we will show you how it actually looks. here is a pipe that broke and this built tons of water. this stop the water from coming out and they have rerouted its periods this is a 12 in. line and this potentially heavies a million gallons of water. this could have easily snap and the road we could have given way. according to a crew that was out here they stated that it failed to the side and not directly snap the line. they're paying attention to this and this is why they have a heavy equipment out there ready to go. >> it did damage some of the lines. this is for people stop bullets, kitchen faucets and everything else they have to use. it did what about water to many homes that are out here in this is why they tapped into
6:34 am
the system along the way. if you concede garden hoses and this is just many that they have tapped into to allow water to get into people's homes. this is approximately 75 people. according to the crew members it will be east bay mud that they will have to worry about. some of the power lines were affected but they have reestablished those. there are so many info structures that were underneath and as far as making permanent repairs this is basically hollow. >> this role with could collapse because of all the soil that is what. is will probably take a month or two for them to make it for repair of this roadway. authority stated the they will not do this that which is to a band-aid approach for now. there try to just reestablished his role right now. we are talking about 150 homes that may be affected by this. if you
6:35 am
rely on this street it will be a problem. >> they have to go or around this an issue could see this tree is dangling and we believe that this is because the soil is so wet. this street may have to be cut down in the meantime. >> this is a small street and the cross street leads into 680. it is just a matter so from the freeway. this connects to a bigger strip people drive up here and there are about a hundred homes in this area. this road has been completely drop ofblocked off. s is a little bit of a and comments.a convenience.
6:36 am
>> it does not look like the this is the kind street the people park also know one got hurt. >> we tried to stand here and as you concede this crack on the sidewalk. we're always try to get to the best view. you are standing on hollow ground and there is nothing underneath. the only reason we know that we are say it is because there is heavy equipment and there are chunks of the street that is on the street itself. with all of this with support and we feel that we are saved here but if we went any further
6:37 am
beyond this crack then who knows what would happen. we might have fallen down there. >> white hill middle school in fairfax will be closed today due to a storm damage on campus. if to get you more news faster we will go live to our solo reporter jacki sizzle. lot at the middle school this morning. >> this is the far one-sided and they stated that there is mud on the campus. i did not see a visible mud but they did cassell school today. that may have to extend if they can i get the clean of done by tomorrow. we are waiting for crews to come out and show us what kind of damage was done. they stated that there was mud from the weekend storm and a several the classrooms-said they decided to just cassell school
6:38 am
altogether. if you have is still in that goes here then it will be cancelled today and you should check on their web site to see when that will open back up. >> we will be out here and we are waiting for crews to show what. they are going to be coming back out to resume the cleanup. once we get no affirmation will give it to you. >> corn over the list of court cases that the supreme court will hear. the justices have made no decision on whether or not they will hear proposition 8. this is the boat on same- sex marriage in california. i do not see any of them on the list and it appears the for the time being the supreme court will not hear any cases at this time. this is just for now and then
6:39 am
they will announce their next round of cases. the justices are not hearing any cases involving this. >> we're also watching what is happening in washington. there 28 days into the fiscal cliff. if the combination of automatic tax increases, as spending cuts that will kick in if congress does not act. if president obama and republicans appear to be playing a game of political chicken. if the president put out a proposal for 1.6 trillion and higher taxes over the next 10 years. he is also proposing 600 billion in spending cuts and 200 billion in new spending to stimulate the economy. house speaker and republican leader john bonner says that the president's plan is in
6:40 am
serious. treasury secretary tim geithner is criticizing republicans say that they have no plan. as of right now. we are nowhere on the fiscal cliff. >> 3 you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning.
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at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ woman and forced her to drive several miles or the assault and beat her. police said that this attack was random. >> in the south bay if they are releasing a picture of the suspect who has something to do with the capitalist. this suspect is described as a white or latino man 2425 years old. he has black hair and dark eyes. they stated that they found his body at his home and surely after his wife called for help and stated that an assailant had ransacked their home and beat her. if she was taken to hospital with minor injuries. >> a boy scout who denied
6:42 am
his sexual orientation will be honored. they will be honored at a legislative session. he was removed from the scouts after he came on as being gay. anderson built a tower to discourage boleyn. >>bullying. .
6:43 am
>> welcome back is 6:43 a.m.. the storms over the weekend cause flooding and damage. here are pictures of neighborhoods from our crown for face book page. this was the flooding at fourth in san jose. you can see a kid is here and his tried to swim in this flooding water.
6:44 am
he sent in a pitcher stating that the winds of the storm were so strong that it was enough to blow history down after standing tall for over 10 years and as you can see the tree nearly hit the car. >> claudia link, stated that a tree smashed her car sunday morning at around 4:00 a.m.. if you have any storm pictures into a lot to share with us, send them to the kron4news facebook page, or
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>> it is 6:47 a.m..
6:48 am
>> one big problem after the upper rung of storms hit fallen trees. trees fell all over the bay area. the lafayette, residents 01 house came home to find a big tree had fallen in their yards sunday morning. pg&e crews fix damage to the power lines. >> the looks like there is a lot of 40's outside and we recently saw some opportunities for the east bay area. as we take a look that the numbers in afternoon will have 614 fremont area as we turn our attention to the east bay everyone will be in the low 60's as well. in the north bay we do have ground fog but sunshine will hit in the
6:49 am
afternoon. six days is the afternoon high for daly city. almost 8 in. of rain hit the area. it looks like downtown san jose is flirting with-yes satellite and radar deeper and eye on the high clouds that are stringing in. future cast 4 stated that by 9:00 there will be some light rain in the north bay. it is really not into the overnight hours that it will pick up in intensity. >> uses certainly be prepared for this because there may be a another messy one. >> prio it shoulwill will startt with the bay bridge will ride westbound skills to
6:50 am
build from 18 to 19 minutes. there are no problems on the upper deck. the san mateo drive seems to be okay. the drive time is stand on the 30 minutes. for the golden gate bridge which is see a get a little bit heavier but it has not created any delays. we are keeping an eye on 680 in the southbound direction. there is an accident that is reported. it would keep an eye on this. >> watching wall street with rob black. the dow is summarize. we have a lot of good news for housing. >> chrysler is the force one to report that they're up by
6:51 am
14 percent. fourth comes out in about 10 minutes with their numbers. the magic number is here is about $50 million. although sales were the new norm. they're up by 15 a lot of cars are made in america and there are a lot of jobs available. there are a lot of trickle-down effects. >> it was tough to get all credit and people were unemployed. >> a committee of british law maker says that major multinational companies including starbucks, google and amazon are guilty of an moro tax avoidance.
6:52 am
parliament public accounts committee said that the government should clampdown on multinationals that export tax laws to move profits generated in britain to offshore companies. public anger at such companies is growing and starbucks says it is reviewing its british tax practices in a bid to restore public trust. >> there are headed into their third recession and represents from starbucks said it if they will pay more taxes. they do not want politicians to be mad at them and day do not want to --they're getting what would pay little to nothing. how do you tax the product that is made. if force engines are made somewhere else where do the taxes go.
6:53 am
>> now that will pay more and they do not want to of set politicians. the investors used is to reward the company will more shares. coffee consumption has declined. and they just bought a new company. they drop the name coffee from their sign for obvious reasons. >> 6:52 a.m.. >> and this look is coming from the bay bridge approach. the traffic is backing up. >> coming up on dr. feel at
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>> we're back at 6:56 a.m.. >> take a look at this footage. what you are looking at is a crew from the san francisco department of public works try to use a rake to clear one of the dozens of back up storm drains left over from the hard hitting storm system. this is the corner of benes
6:58 am
and hayes. taking over a few lines of the street. making it tougher drivers. the high water also covered the sidewalk. forcing pedestrians to tread gingerly. >> we do have more rain on the way and we will show you what the crews are going around the bay. the fiscal cliff is blooming with tell you what both sides have available. there is a rough day in san francisco for the 49ers. harbaugh all and alex day in san francisco for the 49ers. harbaugh all and alex mess saw the continues. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks.
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